Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Become a Member of NAADAC

How Do I Join?Look at the chart below and click on the level of membership that 
you desire in your state. Questions about membership levels? Call 800.548.0497 
or e-mail  naadac@naadac.org . Please note, student members can download an 
application form online, but must submit a proof of student status with an application.
How do I renew?Look at the chart below and click on the level of membership that 
you desire in your state. If you are a member of NAADAC and want to renew, sign in 
with your membership number and password. Enter your member ID number where it 
says Member # and the password NAA123 if you have not signed in before. Don't have
 a password? Then click on the link "forgot my password" in the gray box at the top right 
of the website. Don't remember your membership number? Call 800.548.0497 or e-mail
 naadac@naadac.org .

Not comfortable online?You can join or renew your membership over the phone by calling
 800.548.0497 or download a membership application and fax it to 800.377.1136 or mail it
 to 1001 N. Fairfax St, Alexandria, VA 22314.
Questions about Membership? 
Visit this link 

New York Professionals, New to AAPNY/NAADAC Special Offer.  Please download

 New York/AAPNY Membership Applicationand fax it to 800.377.1136 or mail it to 
1001 N Fairfax St Ste 201, Alexandria VA  22314.
New to NAADAC and the Vermont Addiction Professionals Association (VAPA)? 
Join now and take advantage of these special membership rates.

Bolded states do not currently have affiliated state associations.
StateProfessionalAssociate*Student *Proof of status MUST accompany application

Nevada                                                                         $115                                           $94                                             $55